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Apotekstjänst: Celebrating 1000 Improvements

Please join us in congratulating Apotekstjänst for recently reaching 1000 improvements. This achievement is just one example of how our platform enables clients to lead on operational excellence within their organizations.

To celebrate this milestone, we sat down with the CEO, Maitham Ridha, to learn more.

Please tell us a bit more about Apotekstjänst: Apotekstjänst is part of the Bonver Group, it’s one of the largest automated dose-dispensing and pouch packaging operators in Sweden supplying medicines to more than 100,000 patients across the country.

When did you start working with Hups? We've been working together for just over a year and a half now.

Why did you choose Hups? Operations is the heart of our business therefore it was important to work with a company that fully understood this area and its complexities and shared our passion and drive to improve. It was key for us to make the improvements ourselves and the focus of Hups on developing self-improving organizations was a good fit. It was also possible to include all employees on the program and not just top management. For a purpose-driven company like ours, continuous improvement is essential, both internally for our staff, and externally for our customers and partners.

Tell us briefly about the improvements. What has been the most important improvement to date? For us, it isn't about one specific improvement, we see it as an ongoing journey. It is more about instilling a culture of improvement where every team member understands what this means to the company and on an individual level in their day-to-day activities and role. We believe everyone at Apotekstjanst is responsible for driving change. It has been a fun but also challenging journey which has brought about several new initiatives and had different impacts.