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Looking to ignite a spark of creativity within your team? Often, an engaging and motivational speech from a seasoned expert can do the trick. However, true transformation requires more than just a moment of inspiration. That's where our unique approach comes in. In our platform, you get access to a certain set of inspirational videos. Following this, we guide you through an analysis of your current operational state, helping you identify key areas for enhancement. The journey doesn't end there. Our experts will then collaborate with you in an interactive workshop, utilizing the insights from your analysis to develop actionable strategies for immediate improvement. With us, it's not just about inspiration; it's about real, tangible progress.

When you have decided on a specific booster, everyone will get access to the platform. We set a date for the workshop, hold a short digital kickoff and then it's time to get inspired. 

One Company Booster

Introducing our 'One Company' booster with operational excellence expert Niklas Modig, a transformative approach designed to shatter the barriers of internal silos and foster a unified, cohesive working environment. This booster is tailored for organizations striving for operational excellence by promoting a culture of collaboration and integration. It addresses the common challenge of departmental divides, encouraging a seamless flow of information and ideas across all levels and sectors of your organization.

Agile Booster

Let world-renowned expert Henrik Kniberg inspire you with core principles of great product development. This is not a booster on how to "become more agile", it's about principles and patterns that Henrik throughout his long career has found to be working well. 

Considering booking one of our boosters? Drop us a line and we will get back to you right away.