What is 'Hups'?

Hups is a global management consult… no, not at all. We are, and do, something different. At Hups, we believe in self-improving organizations meaning that the power of organizational development lies within the organizations themselves - and most important: In all the capable people that work there.

We offer a complete solution for organizational development and continuous improvements. We have built a SaaS-platform and filled it with a variety of transformation programs produced by world renowned experts. Our seamless technology, combined with cutting-edge knowledge delivered with innovative training methods makes it possible for our clients to build scalable transformation programs delivering real and instant results.

How does it work?


All our programs are built to develop a specific set of capabilities. Each capability consists of a set of development modules.

Our programs are directed and produced by world renowned experts within their fields.


Each capability within a program comes with self-assessment modules that maps out your organizational development needs.


All programs and their assessments are managed through our platform.


Each program and its modules is built to support continuous and instant improvements - and to help you implement them in your organization.
Curious to know more?

“We trained 99.7% of our employees within two months.”

John-Ivar Myhre

Executive Vice President
HENT, Norway

"My management team identified and implemented 196 improvements within 6 weeks.”

Maitham Ridha

Apotekstjanst, Sweden

“From the beginning of the foundation course we could already see new ways of working and of approaching our challenges.”

Robert Maiorana

Director General
‍Trafikverket, Sweden

Who are our clients?

Our clients are innovators and changemakers, on a mission to change and improve how their organizations work and operate. Some of them train their whole organizations, some of them train specific units or teams. Their common ground is that they see involvement of all - not just leaders or managers, as something crucial to their success.

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