Sofia Falk
Diversity and inclusion

Sofia Falk

Coming soon to Hups: Sofia Falk is a transformative activist that sees the corporate world as her playground. Born in Sweden, raised in Colombia and educated in many parts of the globe. Triathlete and a big fan of (muddy) obstacle races. And, ultimately a game changer with a long track record of catalyzing cultural change journeys globally. She knows how to design and roll out engaging concepts and formats where each employee is willing and able to transform nice sounding words on paper to day-to-day behaviors in a way that drive productivity and performance.

So far, she has helped more than 100 global heavy industrials, banks, law- and professional service firms as well as tech companies and the retail industry to activate their strategies around company culture and make it matter for their bottom line. Each one employing between 20 to 200 000 employees, operating in more than 80 markets around the globe. Her work has been highlighted several times by award winning projects like Battle of The Numbers, Axelerate, Level The Playing Field, and has been awarded several titles, the last one being ”one of the Iconic Innovative Trailblazers of the Decade, by Women Economic Forum in Delhi, India. In Sweden she has been awarded by Swedish business publications: "a top 100 supertalent in Sweden", "One of Sweden's Super Communicators", and "Sweden's most stubborn woman in business”. She was appointed the advocate and national representative of the EU-initiative "Equality Pays Off" for Sweden. She has been an active advisor to the UN, OECD, the Swedish Government and it’s extended arms around the world. Sofia is also the author of The Diversity Paradox - and that is what her Hups program will be about.