Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson

PN Communication & Change Inc
Mastera Degree in Economics, Leadership and Organization, at University of Karlstad

Peter is passionate about helping individuals and organizations to develop their communication for more effective collaboration and smoother change processes. Peter started in 1997 writing a book about "The Future team - What makes teams successfull?" and has after that spent 25 years around the world working with and interviewing successful people and organizations to help find, analyze, focus on and spread "success keys" when it comes to communication, collaboration and change. A work he still find his passion in.

"I have had the great pleasure of listening to you, once in Brussels & most recently in Bordaux. Funny, I have heard many lectures in my life and most do not stay in the memory. But yours do! Thank you very much for that", once said an employee at Scania about Peters ability to capture the audience.