World class organizations - what do they do?

4-5 pm CEST (online)
October 18, 2022
Join a webinar revealing some of the most powerful capabilities of world class organisations. How do organisations enhance their team's abilities to include the diversity they need, exactly when they need it, to improve performance and deliverables? What does it take to develop a purpose and value driven organisation? How is it possible to develop a psychologically safe environment encouraging members to take risks, share ideas and ask important questions? Don’t miss when three of our leading experts - Mia Hultman, Sofia Falk and Anders Lundin - share their knowledge and latest insights on how to build world class organisations!

The webinar includes:

  • Introduction to the building blocks of world class organisations
  • Sofia Falk on Inclusion & Diversity
  • Mia Hultman on Value & Purpose driven organisations
  • Anders Lundin on Psychological Safety & High performing Teams
  • How is it possible to develop these capabilities within your own organisations?
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  • International values-culture expert and keynote speaker
  • One of the leading culture builders in the Nordics
  • 30 years of experience developing powerful organisations
  • Earned the nickname 'the Culture Rockstar.'
  • Author of three books


  • Leading authority within Inclusion & Diversity
  • Transformative Activist
  • Expert in Culture, Change and Strategy Activation
  • Author of The Diversity Paradox - a handbook for inclusion


  • Background as an elite coach and national handball head coach
  • One of the most sought-after and popular motivational speakers in Sweden
  • Multi-awarded speaker and change leader
  • Over twenty years of experience in active improvement work in companies and organizations
  • Author of two books

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