Visual Management

4 pm CEST (English language, online)
December 8, 2022
Join a free webinar on how to develop radical transparency! What does it take to develop a conscious and learning organisation where everyone is able to see the big picture all the time. Why is visual management more important than ever? During the webinar the participants will be offered the latest insights from successful cases of visual management. All participants will also get an opportunity to assess the maturity level of their own visual management capability. Don't miss this opportunity to "open up your eyes".

The webinar will break down:

  1. What are the building blocks of good visual management?
  2. What is normal vs. abnormal management?
  3. Why is visual management a critical management capability?
  4. What type of leadership is required in order to adopt visual management?
  5. What are the benefits and risks with visual management?
Meet world class operational excellence experts

Learn about visual management from two highly experienced experts within lean and operational excellence

Learn how to become a conscious and learning organization

What does it take to develop a conscious and learning organization where everybody sees the big picture all the time.

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  • One of the leading authorities within lean and operational excellence.
  • Author of "This Is Lean - Resolving the Efficiency Paradox," which has sold over 300 000 copies in 19 languages, making it one of the most sold lean books of all time.
  • Researcher and teacher at Stockholm School of Economics 2004-2018.
  • The first Japanese-speaking foreign researcher that was granted access to conduct a 24-month study of Toyota Japan.
  • More than 1000 speeches and keynotes delivered in 40+ countries.
  • Founder and CEO of


  • Former production and operations manager with extensive experience in leading transformation programs within lean and operational excellence
  • Extensive practical experience in developing leaders in the Swedish Armed Forces.
  • Multi-awarded and acknowledged trainer and teacher within leadership and operational excellence
  • Expert supervisor in developing flow-oriented operations strategies
  • Expert and founder of the improvement leadership program
  • Business Area Manager within Operational Excellence at

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