The art of transforming end-to-end flows

4-5 pm CEST (English language, online)
September 22, 2022
Listen to a case of rapid lead time improvement through cross-functional transformation. Join in on the discussion on what it takes to actually move from silo oriented way of working to enabling full end-to-end alignment? Niklas Modig and Joacim Harrby shares their experiences from the field with our most recent findings.
The webinar will break down:
  • Why does flow orientation eliminate silo thinking and sub-optimization?
  • Why does end-to-end flow drive sustainable productivity increases?
  • What is the first step in becoming a flow-oriented organisation?
  • Case study: How to decrease lead time from 31 to 6 days in less than 2.5 months.
Meet world class operational excellence experts

Learn about flow from two highly experienced experts within lean and operational excellence

Learn how to increase productivity - fast

Step-by-step transformation of an efficient end-to-end flow by training and involving all stakeholders in the value chain

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  • One of the leading authorities within lean and operational excellence.
  • Author of "This Is Lean - Resolving the Efficiency Paradox," which has sold over 300 000 copies in 19 languages, making it one of the most sold lean books of all time.
  • Researcher and teacher at Stockholm School of Economics 2004-2018.
  • The first Japanese-speaking foreign researcher that was granted access to conduct a 24-month study of Toyota Japan.
  • More than 1000 speeches and keynotes delivered in 40+ countries.
  • Founder and CEO of


  • Former production and operations manager with extensive experience in leading transformation programs within lean and operational excellence
  • Extensive practical experience in developing leaders in the Swedish Armed Forces.
  • Multi-awarded and acknowledged trainer and teacher within leadership and operational excellence
  • Expert supervisor in developing flow-oriented operations strategies
  • Expert and founder of the improvement leadership program
  • Business Area Manager within Operational Excellence at

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