The art of making awesome products

October 5, 2022
4-5 pm CEST (online)
Listen to Henrik Kniberg sharing his insights on how to make awesome products and what he learned from working with companies such as Spotify, LEGO and Mojang.

The webinar includes

  • How to minimize the gap between the user and the maker
  • Henrik's insights from working with Spotify, LEGO and Minecraft
  • A new way of both learning and implementing agile in your organization
Meet one of the world's leading experts

Learn about agile from one of the world's best agile thinkers and hear about his insights.

Learn how to make awesome products

Minimize the gap between the maker and the user and learn how this could improve the success of your product

Start your own transformation

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  • World-renowned agile expert
  • Frequently hired as keynote speaker on large agile conferences
  • Author of the popular books "Scrum & XP from the trenches" and "Lean from the trenches"
  • Author of the viral youtube film "Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell"
  • Co-creator of "the Spotify model"
  • Co-founder of Hups


  • Extensive experience within the agile field
  • Frequently hired speaker and teacher
  • Trained hundreds of people in agile methodologies
  • CCO at Hups

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