May 16, 2023

5 Reasons Why Value Culture is Key to Organizational Success

Is your organization’s value culture the real deal or just a paper product?

Many organizations put a lot of effort and resources into creating their value culture on paper. They decide on their value words, make fancy presentations with action plans, create posters, mouse mats, mugs, etcetera. But for the value culture to have real value, it needs to go from the paper product to being a natural part of everyday work, and it must involve every employee. Accomplishing this takes hard work and everyone must be involved.

The most important part is to decide how the value culture should support everyday work and it’s crucial that it goes hand in hand with the company’s goals, mission, and vision. It must be crystal clear, with no room for individual interpretations. The process must be allowed time and dedicated resources. Once it’s in place, you’ll get double, no actually much more than double back; the daily decisions are easy to make, everyone knows how to behave in every situation, and everyone works in the same direction towards a common goal and vision.

Over the years, I have worked with companies from different industries, countries and of different sizes, and have seen that the main reasons why it’s worth working on your value culture are the same regardless of organization, industry, or size. And when it’s done right, it’s always one of the main keys to organizational success.

I have put together my top five reasons why a shared, and healthy, value culture is one of the keys to organizational success:

1. Everyone works in the same direction. The sense of belonging that a strong value culture brings, encourages every employee to always act in accordance with the goals, mission, and vision, as well as never losing sight of the customer. This is a true win-win-win where employees feel a real sense of contribution and value, customers are happy and the organization is efficient, which shows directly on the bottom line.    

2. It unites and builds your team - for the organization, as well as for respective teams within the organization. This doesn’t only create well-oiled efficient teams, but also creates a psychological safety where the employees can be themselves and know that their manager and organization have their backs.  

3. Everyone knows how to act in good and bad. If something happens that is outside of the value culture - someone is mistreated, slips in their decisions, or something happens that breaks the culture rather than building it, everyone can come together as one team and make sure that you get back on the right track again.    

4. A value culture created with purpose creates pride. When a value culture is created with purpose and not by chance, we get a culture we can be proud of that welcomes differences making our organization a place where people want to work and stay.    

5. What you see is what you get. An organization with a clear value culture has nothing to hide. It’s obvious for employees and customers what the organization stands for and what can be expected. Every individual can easily choose if they want to be a part of it or not.

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Mia Hultman

Mia Hultman

Culture and Values Expert

Mia is an international values-culture expert and keynote speaker. She works with organizations to revitalize their internal compasses and become more true to themselves. This is done by combining a clear direction with good leadership, company vision, and company values.